14 March 2008

Rave Review: Earbags

Earbags bicycling bikes cyclist
Please allow me to rave about my favorite winter cycling gear.

I LOVE my Swedish earbags. They are sold at many places: REI, Filene's Basement, and online. They're slim, they're warm, they stay on easily (even with my elvish mutant left ear), and they fit underneath hats and bike helmets. In the dead of a Boston winter they fit under both hat and helmet at the same time. They aren't particularly noticeable, as you can see in this photo (mine are black, but you can hardly see that). They store in my purse or my pocket without much bulk, and I'm glad to always have them with me. I'm not sure I could cycle in the winter with out them.

I look forward to the day when spring has finally arrived, but in the meantime I'm always glad to have my little earbags in my pocket.


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