31 October 2008

30 October 2008

Shopping Day

Here are some photos I've had sitting around (you can tell by the summer clothes on the lower image), but which show that we use bikes to haul our things around Boston.

Well done ladies!

bicycle transportation
bicycle shopping

29 October 2008

Boston Bike Parking

Boston bike parking
Notable because we're finally getting some!

This does have a distinctive "Boston" look, don't you think? (even if it isn't an ideal design)

28 October 2008

Squinting into the sun

male cyclist Boston tie
I hope he gets rid of those suicide levers soon but I'm glad he's out riding his bike!

27 October 2008

She needs a bike

red bicycle MIT
He has a red bike to match his MIT varsity jacket, but he's walking it because his lady friend has no bike at all. It would be so much nicer if they were cruising together.

*cue Huey Lewis and Gweneth Paltrow*

23 October 2008

Boston Bicyclist Advisory Board call for new members

The City of Boston is currently soliciting members of the bicycling community to join the Boston Bicyclist Advisory Board and help make Boston a world-class bicycling city. The Board provides advice on bicycling-related issues to the Director of Bicycling Programs and other City staff. Board members are expected to attend monthly meetings and participate in substantial work projects.

Ideal board members bring the widest variety of perspectives on bicycling and its potential to improve urban life in Boston together in a constructive and cooperative manner. Interested bicyclists who live, work, or do business in Boston are encouraged to apply. Connections to other relevant community groups and institutions are considered a strong plus.

Application for board memberships consists of a short letter describing the potential member's interest in joining the board, along with his or her relevant experience, affiliations, and contact information.

Applications should be sent by electronic mail (strongly preferred) or postal mail to:

Nicole Freedman
Director, Boston Bikes
One City Hall Square, Rm 932
Boston, MA 02201
(617) 918-4456

The deadline for the receipt of applications is November 7, 2008.

Seen on the sidewalk

broken cable lock
The only bike I've had stolen was locked with a cable lock. Be careful out there.

22 October 2008

Uncertain Times

An article in today's New York Times says that there are a few things worth splurging on in a down economy, and specifically mentions a bicycle as a wise investment for all the reasons readers of this blog are familiar with - dayrides with friends, commuting by bike to save money, doing both to become healthier. In any economy I agree with the author's advice for spending:
"...it’s about investing money tactically in our relationships with one another, building bonds that last beyond ones to any particular employer or a house that we may no longer be able to afford."
Experiences 'in the bank' are riches that one can never lose.

Definitely Autumn Here

Time to bust out the sweaters and gloves and go see all the pretty foliage.

21 October 2008

Bike Corsage

bike bicycle flowers corsage DIY accessory
Like a lovely lady, this bike was sporting a small corsage made of tiny silk flowers. It somehow seems a bit ironic (in a good way) on a bike for sport and reasonable speed, though it would also be beautiful on slower bikes around town.

I wanted to save this post for Mother's Day, but I knew I couldn't wait. Remember this, though, for a novel way to give your mother a corsage next May.

I think my road bike may need a little accessorizing!

bike corsage mother's day close up

20 October 2008

DIY Spoke Reflector

CD as bicycle spoke reflectorI saw this gentleman, C, going out on Saturday night. I was taken with his style and particularly his DIY, extremely practical, spoke reflector, which he graciously allowed me to photograph. On the right city bike I think this would look very natural, the urban simplicity thus chic. It really depends on the bike, I can't see this with my bike...

Initially I thought this would be a good use of any old archival CDs, but then I realized that it might not get scratched quickly enough and someone could make off with data. So I think I would follow C's lead and only use CDs found in the street. Hopefully there won't be any major secrets on those!

C invited me, and all of you, to the Cambridge Bicycle Committee meetings, the second Wednesday of the month.

Finally, several encounters over the weekend have led me to the following observation, what do you think?
bike bicycle beard facial hair

17 October 2008

Look Before Crossing

It's getting chilly for bare legs, she was moving briskly. I'm definitely enjoying the navy blue this season.

16 October 2008

Racing to Work

This gentleman might have been up too late watching the debate last night, he was racing to work as fast as he could. I like that his bike and tie are both 'power red'.

15 October 2008

Handlebar Handbag

I thought she was looking awfully pretty on her old bike.

14 October 2008

Bikes on the Greenway

Boston Big Dig Greenway
Well, the "Big Dig" is basically completed and there is a long, thin park (bordered on both sides by high speed roadways) which now stretches through our downtown. I like it, but I understand how my husband can't quite relax there. Anyway, these people found it a nice place for a bike ride.

10 October 2008

Red Triangles

Citgo sign Boston red bike
You know that red bikes are faster, right?

When I first saw the Citgo sign I thought it was a terrible eyesore. Now I understand it's an integral part of Boston. I don't even associate it with Citgo gas, it's become an icon on it's own, a lighthouse beacon that gets us back from Brookline without a map.

09 October 2008

Bikes and Wine

Yes, we bought this bottle of wine simply because it has a bicycle that looks like mine on the label. It's perfect for sharing with a bike friend. Can I pour you a glass?

After the rain

rainy day rider
We had a nice rain last night and today is the perfect day - crisp and autumnal but with a warm breeze. I should play hooky today!

08 October 2008

Green Bike in a Red City

South End Boston green bike
Funny how one can get to know bikes before their riders. I took this photo AGES ago, and just recently saw the bike's owner - a tall, pretty brunette.

I don't know if I mentioned it but I saw the owner of the enormous basket bike, a twenty-something man with a beard.

I have one more photo on my home computer which I haven't shared, a yellow bike with a huge wooden chest in back. I saw it out with it's rider for the first time on my way into work this morning. She is another pretty brunette and much younger than I would have guessed from her bike.

All this got me wondering how well an absent owner could be divined by looking at the bike? Does anyone else play this game?

UPDATED - Here's the yellow bike:
yellow cargo bike

07 October 2008

Cycling Cape

cycling cape pattern Simplicity
I have long wanted a cycling cape, but at £400.00 ($699.91) that wasn't going to happen any time soon.

Instead I think I'll have a brand-new approximation for $4.00 plus labor.

I found a Simplicity pattern that is pretty close to the Dashing Tweeds cape, on clearance here for $1.00. I found some fabric on sale for $1.99/yard. The pattern calls for 1.5 yards. I think I might spring for some ribbon to bind the seams, at 10 cents a yard it might add up to another dollar to my total. Below you can see the fabric I chose. I may spring for different fabric if this one turns out well. I will say that the fabric is prettier in person than in a digital photograph.

No, it won't be the same as the luxury cape. I know that. I will certainly keep you posted on how it goes... and also how I'll spend the approximately $694 that I've saved!

sparkly tweed fabric cycling cape

05 October 2008

Cargo wine box

Here's a wine box in use on an extracycle. That's even more darling than my wine box for shopping. Other photos in the flickr stream show that there's even a nametag for the little pooch.

Photo by jithas

03 October 2008

Bailout to include bikes?

It looks like there will be some kind of financial incentive to bicycle commuting as part of the plans being discussed in Washington: PDF file (see pages 205-207)

Section 211 of the "Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008" allows for a "qualified bicycle commuting reimbursement" for "reasonable expenses incurred by the employee during such calendar year for the purchase of a bicycle and bicycle improvements, repair, and storage, if such bicycle is regularly used for travel between the employee’s residence and place of employment."

I look forward to seeing what actually happens!

02 October 2008

Cambridge Bow Tie Ride

bow tie bike bicycle cambridge MAFor local readers:
The 3rd Bow Tie Ride of Cambridge is happening on Sunday. It looks like a fun community event. I hope all chic cyclists will don a bow tie, just for the fun of it!

An Update

Last night I volunteered again for Bikes Not Bombs. Let me tell you, that's the cure for anything that ails you. The people are all so cheerful and welcoming, the work so rewarding and fun at the same time, and the recycling of bikes for the betterment of the local and international community is a cause anyone can get behind. I left so much happier, and very excited about bikes again. Yeah bikes!

Harriet Fell chic cyclistWhile I was there I was honored to meet one of the original chic cyclists. Having spoken with Harriet Fell herself I can say that she is gracious and generous, indeed it was her generosity that helped inspire this blog. When I thanked her for that she warmly and quickly pulled a pen and paper from her purse to take down this web address. I could not have been more honored. From her family I have learned that sharing a passion with the world, giving of oneself, is a gift that goes both ways. Teaching is the traditional way to give like that, but I'm learning there are other ways too. I know of three women who have contacted me through this blog and now have their first adult bicycles. I hope there will be more.

01 October 2008

Some days you need a rainbow

rainbow tires bike bicycle
Today the commute was fine, a crisp fall day, no one tried to kill me, I really can't complain. The skies are grey, there may be rain, but in the meantime we have this rolling rainbow. With the dull grey frame looking like storm clouds, the tires are a fun reminder that you need rain to find a rainbow. I've been saving this photo for a day like today. Here's a rainbow for you!