31 July 2008

They really ARE cute....

Waiting folder bike
I realized that part of why I think folders are cute is that a Brompton folds its underside to sit down, just like a dog. Then he sits and waits for you to come back for him.

A regular bike looks like its ready to roll off at any time, but a folder looks like a patient and loyal hound.

Dog photo by DBarrett


indigo said...

what animal would a big dutch bike ne like? a horse perhaps? or a zebra would be nicer.
funny that, i am looking for a dog as well at the moment. fancy that, 2 interests in one blog! i want a small woofer but i have a very large bike. i would like to be able to put the woofer in a basket on the bag when the woofer is fully trained. i am going to call the woofer BOBBIN POOKE WILLIAMS. i also will add a welsh middle name for Bobbin.

WestfieldWanderer said...

Bromptons: Yup! Cute to look at. Cute to ride. Every home should have one.

Dogs: Mmm. As Thumper said: "If you can't say nuthin' nice, don't say nuthin' at all".

Best I say nothing, then ;-)

Charlotte said...

I don't think a Dutch bike would be a horse. I have one of the most dependable horses ever, and even she is not as, well, sedate, as a dutch bike.

I might go giraffe for the Dutch bike (which I admit is odd) just for the very upright position and large, open design. Giraffes do go fast occasionally, but it looks like as much effort as going fast on a Dutch bike!

Anonymous said...

There's one bike that is not going to get stolen!

rb said...

cool brompton, it does look like dog. being a fan of both dogs and folding bikes, I especially find it cool.

MELI. said...

good analogy

Anonymous said...

I love those - have seen many when in Amsterdam - but they are SO expensive. I'm keeping my eyes open for second-hand ones.

A lot of the cheaper folders look so clunky and uncomfortable, and shoddily made. And much, much too heavy to carry up stairs on a métro platform.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is soooo good!!!! ;) I am reading it all, right from the beginning ;)

My boyfriend has a lovely yellow Brompton, it bought it 6 years ago and it still going strong. He uses it every day to go to work, a total of 10miles a day for about 300 days a year (if not more)! they are expensive yes, but if we calculate the miles he's done on it so far I think it works out pennies per mile!
I am hoping that if he ever 'upgrades' Bromtpy becomes mine ;)