23 April 2008

Product Review: Schwalbe Marathon Tires

Schwalbe reflective sidewall bicycle tires
Tires with reflective sidewalls are legally required in the Netherlands. I can see why, and cars can too. What a simple way to be passively visible - no lights to remember, no batteries to burn out. The idea is just so simple.

The Schwalbes are simple too. They're well made and easy to put on your rims. I'm not sure I even really needed my tire iron. I haven't flatted yet but they're still pretty new so let's just knock on wood. I think they're attractive and add a slightly old-fashioned sporty look to my bike, like a safety version of the old V-necked tennis sweater.

Schwalbe Marathon tires 27 inch

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Hi, dats gud 2 knw nything new bout cycling