08 April 2008

To the people who pass me on my commute

You truly fast people: carry on.

You others, the ones who pass me at a stop-light. Have you no pride? I understand that perhaps you see a girl on a bike and think "of course I'm faster than her". So you pass me when I'm stopped. I let you, maybe you're Lance Armstrong visiting Boston and just happen to catch me at a light. I give you the benefit of the doubt. But then you then go at a snail's pace and I pass you back while we're underway.

We get to another stop light.


I do not understand this.

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Mark said...

I have the same issue! People jumping the lights on the way up Beacon St. during my commute home. They pass me and run the light, i pass them during the next block and they pass me again at the next light.

To me they are similar to those car drivers that vroom-vroom around you just so that they can race to the next light.

BTW: love your blog - i just discovered it via other 'cyclolicious' type blogs. Keep it up, and i wish my commute took me near these good looking bicyclists in Boston; because mine doesn't seem to :(