10 April 2012

What will they think of next?

The Groupon ad I got today? A great deal on something called "Aquabiking". This link explains all (in French), and it looks like it was even featured in French Cosmopolitan. Under point 5 there they explain, with what I imagine must be hyperbole with regard to her cellulite, that riding a bike underwater burns twice the energy of riding an ordinary bike. In addition the touch of the water helps improve drainage and blood flow.

All this may be true, but these people aren't going anywhere! Well, as they say here "À chacun son goût" (to each their own).

04 April 2012

That was then, this is now

Each day I am saddened by the gradual destruction of the Doggie Porteur.

First to go was the Brooks saddle with the hammered rivets. Next was the Campy derailleurs and shifters. Just last week it lost the wheels, sustained the frame damage and broke the chainring, and lost its brake calipers.

What a sad waste.

02 April 2012

First Real Bike Ride in a LONG Time!

It's been too difficult to post about biking when I haven't been able to participate but yesterday I got to Bike with my Boys on a Brompton in Bois de Boulogne. I was thinking B-B-B as I sang with joy the whole time, and I was not the only one loving it!

I have a Backlog of posts to share, but wanted to share a photo with people I know would understand my elation!