31 March 2010

Handsome Cyclist MGH

man on city bike
I'm happy to be feeling better and ready to start blogging again. I missed you guys.

I have for you here a handsome gentleman spotted near MGH. I got several photos of him but it was difficult to capture the gleam of his bike. Despite the muck everywhere his bike was obviously well cared for. It looks like a perfect city bike - fenders, rack, basket, chainguard, and a sprung Brooks saddle. Beautiful.

Happy start of street cleaning day!

05 March 2010


city Surly bike
I apologize for being out of touch, but this blog is parked while I focus on some personal matters. Rest assured I'm still riding every day and look forward to spring and time to blog about bikes!

In the meantime here's a handsome parked bike spotted in the South End:

city Surly bike
This bike helped me decide to go with the Mavic rim for my dynohub. I believe it will hold up fine, and the performance will be appreciated on longer brevets. The wheel is built, now to buy a light!

Dynamo hub wheel