05 March 2010


city Surly bike
I apologize for being out of touch, but this blog is parked while I focus on some personal matters. Rest assured I'm still riding every day and look forward to spring and time to blog about bikes!

In the meantime here's a handsome parked bike spotted in the South End:

city Surly bike
This bike helped me decide to go with the Mavic rim for my dynohub. I believe it will hold up fine, and the performance will be appreciated on longer brevets. The wheel is built, now to buy a light!

Dynamo hub wheel


MamaVee said...

hope all is well and we'll see you when you post again.

Unknown said...

Charlotte...You will be missed. I hope all is well!


Nicole said...

That's my co-worker's bike! :)

cycler said...

Hi Charlotte-
FWIW, I LOVE my Schmidt Edeluxe.
I tried out a 2 watt Planet Bike Blaze today and it might be as bright as the Edeluxe, but the beam pattern on the Edeluxe is vastly more useful!
It was worth saving up for.

Hope all is well!

Sylvain said...

I'm glad you like my bike. I feel the folks at Broadway Bicycle School in Cambridge deserve a shout out for building such a beauty.

Unknown said...

We will miss you... & look forward to you coming back around to your great posts.

greybreaks said...

sweet ride