15 July 2011

Lace Tights and Platforms

Submission from my friend J, this lady was spotted in the South End.

13 July 2011

Advice Needed and Gratuitious Baby Photo

We've enjoyed my friend E's photo submissions here on the blog, but now she needs some advice and I'm not sure I can help her. She'll be visiting home again and bringing her European-biking boyfriend with her. He's bringing his bicycle and wants to bike from Boston to Woods Hole.

I know it can be done, my husband has done it, but his route is less than ideal. He uses the Boston Brevet 200km route to begin, then hacks together the Cape portion of it. Navigation is a major hassle, and the bike path over the bridge is almost impossible to find, with access hidden behind a strip mall.

There must be a better way!

I know some people who have biked from Boston to Plymouth. I found this Boston-Plymouth bike route online, but am dismayed to see there are 606 cues over 80km! That strikes me as extremely complicated.

Does anyone have experience/advice for how to bike from Boston to Woods Hole. Thank you!!!

And just because I'm a doting mother, here's a photo of Future Cyclist practicing his chant "Allez les cyclists!":

11 July 2011


Now that Future Cyclist is strong enough we were able to get out for a short jaunt en famille yesterday. Our friends loaned us an old Burley trailer. We immobilized the car seat in it with a motorcycle tie-down cord (also on loan, I don't know what it's really called, but it's sure robust!) and off we went on a brand-new (and thus very smooth) rail trail.

FC prefers the bike trailer to riding in the car, and we had a few hours of bliss, but he also just doesn't like being by himself in a carseat away from his family so I can't claim that the whole afternoon was perfect. As far as we could tell his complaints were merely that he was lonely. Eventually Daddy rode alongside the baby and chatted with him until he fell asleep again.

My friend who loaned us the trailer said that once they got it life "went back to normal again". Even if it's imperfect, I know exactly what she means.