13 July 2011

Advice Needed and Gratuitious Baby Photo

We've enjoyed my friend E's photo submissions here on the blog, but now she needs some advice and I'm not sure I can help her. She'll be visiting home again and bringing her European-biking boyfriend with her. He's bringing his bicycle and wants to bike from Boston to Woods Hole.

I know it can be done, my husband has done it, but his route is less than ideal. He uses the Boston Brevet 200km route to begin, then hacks together the Cape portion of it. Navigation is a major hassle, and the bike path over the bridge is almost impossible to find, with access hidden behind a strip mall.

There must be a better way!

I know some people who have biked from Boston to Plymouth. I found this Boston-Plymouth bike route online, but am dismayed to see there are 606 cues over 80km! That strikes me as extremely complicated.

Does anyone have experience/advice for how to bike from Boston to Woods Hole. Thank you!!!

And just because I'm a doting mother, here's a photo of Future Cyclist practicing his chant "Allez les cyclists!":


dr2chase said...

It's "cheating", but the commuter rail will get you to Plymouth, with bicycle. Many fewer cues.

cris said...

it may also be overly complicated, but my normal impulse is to follow the MS New England Great Mass Getaway 75-mile route, which gets you to Bourne, then you can take the sidewalk of the railroad bridge over to the other side.

There is also, of course, the Claire Saltonstall. That may be a little more straightforward though possibly longer.

Charlotte said...

Cris, I had a dim memory of having seen that Claire Saltonstall route before, I think those directions will be perfect - easy to follow for someone who hasn't done this before. Thank you!!!

cycler said...

No advice on the way to the cape, but awwww.... FC is adorable! Allez!

Jim Lerner said...

How about the ferry to P-town, then bike down the Cape?

ECS said...

@jim: that's a great idea! I've been worried that the trip from Boston is going to be rather less fun than he anticipates after biking on the many canalside bike trails in Germany. This could be a much more enjoyable solution.

how is the trip down the cape? Google's beta bike directions mention the cape rail trail- is it well marked for someone who doesn't know the area at all?

Charlotte said...

E- The Cape rail trail is the freshly paved rail trail we chose for the little boy's first bike adventure. It starts very close to the Bourne Bridge and ends at the Woods Hole ferry. I'm certain that anyone looking for it will find it easily.

Anonymous said...

I've done P-town ferry & Cape Cod Rail Trail a few times -- once as part of a weekend hanging out on the Cape, another as part of a 24 hour cross-state ride, and a few more times as part of charity rides like the GMG.

The trail doesn't start in P-town per se, but a little further south in Wellfleet. You can take 6A out of Provincetown center and then the route sort of weaves back and forth over Rt. 6 as it winds its towards the trail. It's essentially, the P-town segment of the Clair Saltonstall, so if you're in doubt, just look for and follow the bicycle signs on the road.

The rail trail itself ends in South Dennis, about halfway down the Cape. From the end of the trail you can make a left on Rt. 134, then a right on Rt. 28 and follow 28 all the way to Falmouth. The last time I did that segment, the traffic wasn't too bad, but it was also in the evening so I don't know what it would be like in the middle of the day.

Once in Falmouth, you should be able to just make a left on Locust St. and then pick up the Shining Sea Bikepath to Wood's Hole.

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