27 August 2012

We know that feeling of floating

I'm sure this has made the rounds but I am just seeing it now, images by Zhao Huasen playfully show cyclists 'floating' through their daily lives. That's about right!

05 June 2012

How to roll...

Though this is Paris, so that bike trailer had a manicured little dog in it who was happily eating his meal at the cafe while this photo was taken.

10 April 2012

What will they think of next?

The Groupon ad I got today? A great deal on something called "Aquabiking". This link explains all (in French), and it looks like it was even featured in French Cosmopolitan. Under point 5 there they explain, with what I imagine must be hyperbole with regard to her cellulite, that riding a bike underwater burns twice the energy of riding an ordinary bike. In addition the touch of the water helps improve drainage and blood flow.

All this may be true, but these people aren't going anywhere! Well, as they say here "À chacun son goût" (to each their own).

04 April 2012

That was then, this is now

Each day I am saddened by the gradual destruction of the Doggie Porteur.

First to go was the Brooks saddle with the hammered rivets. Next was the Campy derailleurs and shifters. Just last week it lost the wheels, sustained the frame damage and broke the chainring, and lost its brake calipers.

What a sad waste.

02 April 2012

First Real Bike Ride in a LONG Time!

It's been too difficult to post about biking when I haven't been able to participate but yesterday I got to Bike with my Boys on a Brompton in Bois de Boulogne. I was thinking B-B-B as I sang with joy the whole time, and I was not the only one loving it!

I have a Backlog of posts to share, but wanted to share a photo with people I know would understand my elation!

27 February 2012

Plan your French Cycling Vacation

Sadly it looks like the English icon is greyed out here and I'm not seeing a link to English in the source code, but for those of you who read French, I've found a wonderful resource for finding all the bike paths and standard bike-friendly itineraries for adventures in France:

Les Véloroutes et Voies Vertes de France

We had previously just used green and white roads on the Michelin maps but now with Future Cyclist I'm feeling the need for a little more security on our travels. I'm looking forward to planning some adventures just as soon as we get our bikes over here, and a Burley trailer....

26 February 2012

Double Velib

Strictly speaking I don't think we are supposed to do this.... :)

21 February 2012

Velo Hollandais

Having appreciated, but never desired to own, a traditional "Dutch Bike", I'm all of a sudden obsessed and shopping compulsively. Perhaps it's because I failed to win the antique Hirondelle I'd had my eye on. As so many people start cycling on a bike like this and then move on to "faster" bikes, I feel a bit backwards in my taste, but I must have a bike like this pronto! *Swoon*

To every thing there is a season.

18 February 2012

Bobike Mini Weather Suit

I'm getting a Bobike Mini seat for my birthday and so shopping around for it this morning. I'll let you all know what I think when it arrives. In the meantime, how cute is this integrated blanket? With the scarf thrown dashingly over his shoulder? I'm in love!

17 February 2012

You don't see this in Boston!

Not many people have been biking in the cold snap that's hit Paris. I spotted just a few folks out. 

Like the helmet debate, I'm going to leave the discussion of fur for another day and just say that this is a look I had not seen in Boston, but I'm happy to see someone out on her bike.

15 February 2012

Child Porter in the South End

This bike is often parked outside Mike's City Diner. I have not seen this kind of child-porting tricycle before and so I carefully noted its make on a piece of paper that did not move internationally with me.

The format of the stroller reminds me a lot of the Quinny strollers which have exchangeable seats in a frame designed to accomodate a child's growth. I have no idea if this tricycle does the same, certainly it's for sale so it must be eventually outgrown! Chi

02 February 2012

Bicycle Adventure Photos

Sadly we missed this exposition, but these bicycle adventure photos and posters make me ready to hop on and go!

This one makes me smile as I am shopping for a front-mounted child seat now. The more things change...

Guerre 1939-1945. Circulation à bicyclette dans Paris en mars 1941.

01 February 2012

Cycle Skating in Paris 1923

A friend sent me this link, looks like a possible addition to the Tweed Rides! 

31 January 2012

Handsome Doggie Porteur in the 18ème

This is a handsome bike. I think it might be a Pista from before they started clear coating over the labels, so there are no labels. The components are mostly Campy, that saddle is the Brooks with the hammered rivets. Everything about this bike is thoughtful, which is why it is so odd that it hasn't moved from this parking space in three weeks, apparently forgotten. It has rained almost every day, on to that beautiful saddle.

In three weeks no one has even touched this frame pump!

The bag is a Rixen & Kaul doggie bag.

30 January 2012

Vanmoof City Bike

We spotted an interesting bike down by the Louvre. I should have gotten full-bike photos, but you can see some of those at the Vanmoof website. 

It looked to me like the headlight was integrated into the top tube, but we can't find a power source, or a switch. 
Taken to remember the manufacturer, you can also see their welds.

I would have expected a red tail light.
From the manufacturer's website they explain:
These LEDS not only charge themselves by sunlight, but in addition you can charge these LED lights with the micro USB cable of your phone. You simply turn the lights on by pushing the small black button on the side of the LED. They only work in the dark so they can never waste energy! These indestructible bulbs are also used for airport landing strips. They are strong and hater-proof. 

OK, that's admittedly pretty cool...

It looks like this bike became available in the States just three days ago, but the price is much better in Europe.

FYI, these are the same folks who make the Strida bikes!

26 January 2012

DIY French Porteur

 Spotted in the 10ème, this bike amused me with its custom front and rear racks. I'm not certain how either of them are used, but there's no doubt they're custom made for SOMETHING!

The general view of the bike

Do the pushpins say ART.CASS?

 Here's how the rear rack attaches to the seat stays. The blue bungies are just on one side.

20 January 2012

Steering Wheel?

Here's a funny bike we spotted in London. I think the steering wheel came off a child's toy. I was staring at the bike and my father didn't even notice the steering wheel, he was so impressed by the lock!

Do you think this person is from New York?

11 January 2012

London Bike Share

How excited was I to see the Barclay's bikes all lined up by our hotel in London! I couldn't ride as much as I wanted because of the baby, but I did get two lovely rides in - one with my husband and one with my dad. I found riding on the left easier than driving on the left, perhaps because we were lane splitting and like a good dancer I just followed the car's lead.

The London system is identical to Boston's with the exception that the stations are installed to be year-round. I had my Hubway key with me, it was too bad I couldn't activate that to access the Barclay's bikes.

The only difference - look out for the LEFT hook!

10 January 2012

Double Decker Bike Rack at King's Cross Station, London

This isn't remarkable, we have these in Boston. What struck me though was how ordinary it is. The one I know of, at Alewife, has a cage with a locked door and an application and instructions. Here you just throw the bike up there.

06 January 2012

What a month!

I have to apologize for being so out of touch. I confess I've hardly even been thinking about bikes even!

Let's see, in the last month I've worked full-time while caring for a baby. That's normal, but I did it without my husband, who had started his new job. I also did it while couch-surfing, because we gave up our apartment but I still needed to work. I coordinated a domestic move, putting our things in storage, and an international move. Then in the midst of all this my sister lost her little girl.

So I haven't been missing without a good reason!

I owe you all a review of a Burley child trailer, which was wonderful and Burley has been beyond patient and understanding about all this. I also have to work out a direction for this blog. There is already a chic cycling blog in Paris... what would you all like to see here?

Missing you all....