17 February 2012

You don't see this in Boston!

Not many people have been biking in the cold snap that's hit Paris. I spotted just a few folks out. 

Like the helmet debate, I'm going to leave the discussion of fur for another day and just say that this is a look I had not seen in Boston, but I'm happy to see someone out on her bike.


Anonymous said...

Wow, high heeled Wellies!
Or did you mean the mink coat?

Hope you enjoyed the Pompidue center,

UK Cyclists said...

That looks like the most unpractical cycling clobber going but shes pulling it off! :)

Cool blog by the way!

phylos said...

Periodically I get to see how the Italians (at least in northern Italy) use their bikes....like Americans use cars. Lawyers in suits, women in furs, tattooed guys in black, dating couples in blue jeans. It's so cool.