18 February 2012

Bobike Mini Weather Suit

I'm getting a Bobike Mini seat for my birthday and so shopping around for it this morning. I'll let you all know what I think when it arrives. In the meantime, how cute is this integrated blanket? With the scarf thrown dashingly over his shoulder? I'm in love!


cycler said...

Are you going to mount this on your Dawes?
I think that these make a lot of sense, and I was surprised at Harris recently to hear a mechanic talking about them as "death traps"

I think you want to avoid crashes in general while riding with a kid (duh) but if you did crash, it seems like this would be no more or less dangerous than a rear-mounted seat. It all depends on how you fell.

DJ said...

Did you look consider the yepp mini? I was thinking about getting that for my 10 month old for when it gets a bit warmer in the South End. Does the bobike offer something the yepp doesn't?

Charlotte said...

DJ, I did not see the Yepp seat. It looks to be essentially the same thing. I went with the Bobike once I saw that they manufactured a bracket that works on my husband's Brompton.

Cycler, I don't have my Dawes here (yet?) so this is going on the Brompton. I honestly think it's better than the rear-mounted seat. I read a horror story of a child who slid down in the rear seat. His helmet hooked on the back of the seat, and he started choking on the helmet strap. Thankfully that parent stopped and noticed the problem. With Future Cyclist between my arms we get to talk and I get to give him kisses, which we all know is the best way to keep tabs on how a little one is doing. :)