27 February 2012

Plan your French Cycling Vacation

Sadly it looks like the English icon is greyed out here and I'm not seeing a link to English in the source code, but for those of you who read French, I've found a wonderful resource for finding all the bike paths and standard bike-friendly itineraries for adventures in France:

Les Véloroutes et Voies Vertes de France

We had previously just used green and white roads on the Michelin maps but now with Future Cyclist I'm feeling the need for a little more security on our travels. I'm looking forward to planning some adventures just as soon as we get our bikes over here, and a Burley trailer....

1 comment:

cycler said...

Out of curiosity, does anyone else there use kid trailers? (or trailers at all?). I would imagine that they are much less common, largely because they are bulky to store in a small city apartment.

I was just figuring I'd email you if I were planning a French cycling vacation ;)
Sounds lovely, and I look forward to seeing some of your adventures