30 July 2010

Chic Cyclists in Bologna, Italy

My globe-trotting friend E sent these in for your viewing pleasure.

This image certainly fits my idea of a contemporary Italian woman.

cute girl on a bike
This lady looks content as she quickly gets wherever she's going. It must be nice to be on the plaza and avoiding traffic!

lady of a certain age on a bike
Love this blonde's bi-color bike, do you suppose she's an artist or an architect? What else might those rolls of paper be used for?

girlfriends with a bike in Italy
E was right, the use of green here is clearly a personal statement. I love the man in the skinny jeans in the background, giving my friend a curious look.

green bike, trailer, and outfit

28 July 2010

Back Bay Gazelle

Walking recently I was nearly blinded by the chrome on this sturdy vintage Gazelle.

vintage Gazelle bicycle
It's a "touren" model, so I guess it makes sense it's so far from home.

Gazelle Touren
The saddle was most remarkable, I suppose it must be comfortable with all that suspension, but it looks a bit like a torture device to those of us who haven't tried it!

Gazelle leather saddle springs
All in all I think there may be 8 springs supporting this saddle!

Gazelle saddle springs

26 July 2010

Relaxed and Elegant

mature lady on a bike
I just love how relaxed this lady looks in her white ensemble with the Electra's chaincase and skirt guard protecting her clothes and that cute Basil bag on her bike. Her ballerina flats are perfect for cycling these days.
Ultimately her one-handed posture says it all.

23 July 2010

Summer Jacket

grey summer jacket on a bike
Today is a bit cooler and overcast. I found myself admiring this jacket, the cut of which is difficult to see in this photo but was completely lovely on her in person.

Admiring a jacket? Could autumn be far behind?

22 July 2010

Brooks Saddle Bummer

latex paint on a Brooks saddle
Someone was working in the shed where I keep my bike and accidentally got latex paint on the saddle. Such a bummer!

I've been doing my research about how to get it off, and have a few ideas to try, but I'm wondering if anyone else out there has experience with this to share?

How do you get latex paint off of a Brooks saddle?

21 July 2010

Summer Cycling in Davis Square

gentleman cyclist summertimeIt's sure humid out there today! Hope you find cool breezes on your bike.

20 July 2010

Blue Breeze, South End

blue dress blue bike bostonSo fresh after this heat wave, doesn't she look pretty!

19 July 2010

Forbes Article on Expensive Bicycles

Forbes magazine article
My stepdad sent me this Forbes Magazine article on the world's most expensive bikes. They're mostly racing bikes, but they did include the bike shown above. They say:

"The Luxury Gold Collection bike is covered in 24-karat gold leaf, with 11,000 Swarovski crystals mounted on various components and a python leather seat, handlebars and pump included."

Granted, the bike is over-the-top and essentially useless as transportation at that price (unless you never park it anywhere, ever), but in a strange way, some of those details make the tiniest bit of sense to me. Swarovski crystals *would* make pretty decent reflectors, and how about all the ladies who have trouble sliding forward on their saddles? A python seat has the "nap" to ensure a person can only slide one direction. Hopefully they designed the saddle correctly for that. I see it's a coaster brake with a front disk brake, and they had fun with the spoke lacing pattern. You'd think that at their price you'd be buying a full set of fenders!

I'll never own this bike (I think I'd prefer their gold-plated Brompton!), but like couture dresses, it's fun to ogle their concept.

16 July 2010


Sometimes it's the simple things, isn't it?

The addition of a simple carabiner clip has made my Carradice Bike Bureau bike bag much easier to use. It lives on the carry handle and holds my shoulder strap out of my wheel or off the ground when the strap is not on my shoulder:

carabiner clip on a bike bag
It also is pressed into service carrying my cable lock. This has been invaluable whenever my bag has been over-filled (which happens more often than I should admit!)

carabiner clip on a Carradice bike bag

The best part is that it's designed for easy clipping and un-clipping so I don't mind it at all. Digging my lock out had been a drag. No more!

UPDATE: Looking at this post I was struck by how aged my bag looks. Here's how it looked in a photo from 2005.

13 July 2010

Googly Eyes

googly eyes on a bike

These Googly Eyes made me laugh out loud. You certainly 'know where you stand' with this bike.

Christopher Walken (and probably the whole staff at SNL!) will be pleased.

05 July 2010

Wisteria Lane

purple lilac lavender Batavus Old Dutch
I can report with authority that the Wisteria Lane bicycle now has a white flower garland. It looks fresh and lovely.

02 July 2010

Exuberant Flowers in Davis Square

bike flowersHope you all have a fun-filled and safe holiday weekend! Happy riding!