30 July 2010

Chic Cyclists in Bologna, Italy

My globe-trotting friend E sent these in for your viewing pleasure.

This image certainly fits my idea of a contemporary Italian woman.

cute girl on a bike
This lady looks content as she quickly gets wherever she's going. It must be nice to be on the plaza and avoiding traffic!

lady of a certain age on a bike
Love this blonde's bi-color bike, do you suppose she's an artist or an architect? What else might those rolls of paper be used for?

girlfriends with a bike in Italy
E was right, the use of green here is clearly a personal statement. I love the man in the skinny jeans in the background, giving my friend a curious look.

green bike, trailer, and outfit


ECS said...

whenever I send you photos I always am curious to see what details you noticed vs what I saw when taking the photo. I didn't even see the multicolored bicycle on the one with the two girls!

Peter said...

I have to say, there is just something about a European woman on a bicycle.

She Rides a Bike said...

Apparently, you also wonder about the complete strangers we run into when we're out and about. I would be curious about the rolled paper as well and prefer to assume she is a watercolorist. Sometimes, when I see a stranger repeatedly on my route or someplace where I often go I find myself making up an identity for that person. I was certain a distinguished older gentleman at the Downtown Y in Louisville was either a retired classics prof or a retired state court justice. Eventually, I had a conversation with him and discovered he was neither, though still distinguished and very learned.

m e l i g r o s a said...

love the nonchalantness of it all :D

insideprocyling said...

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