16 July 2010


Sometimes it's the simple things, isn't it?

The addition of a simple carabiner clip has made my Carradice Bike Bureau bike bag much easier to use. It lives on the carry handle and holds my shoulder strap out of my wheel or off the ground when the strap is not on my shoulder:

carabiner clip on a bike bag
It also is pressed into service carrying my cable lock. This has been invaluable whenever my bag has been over-filled (which happens more often than I should admit!)

carabiner clip on a Carradice bike bag

The best part is that it's designed for easy clipping and un-clipping so I don't mind it at all. Digging my lock out had been a drag. No more!

UPDATE: Looking at this post I was struck by how aged my bag looks. Here's how it looked in a photo from 2005.


Oldfool said...

That's called gained character not "Aged".
Good hack by the way. I use bungee's a lot but I can think of at least one place that would work for me. Thanks.

dokinchan said...

Wow, your bag is even a different colour now! There is a different kind of pride that comes from something so well used and loved, it's lovely.

Velouria said...

Locks really are hard to dig out. I carry mine on top of the rack, rolled up and secured with a bungee cord, like this. I've tried it many different ways, but this way it is independent from my bag or pannier baskets and does not interfere with me removing anything from them.

Your bag does look aged from 2005! But in a good way, like it's an old friend.

Charlotte said...

I do like the way it looks and perhaps am using "Aged" with Dickensonian reverence. :)

I like that I can just flip this over the top (just as the bag was designed to do, actually) to easily access my things, as well as not taking up any rack space (which is often employed in carrying bulky fabric items).

I find bungees really frustrating because it's always an independent step every time I interface with them. I'm lucky that I don't have to lock my bike at night, so this system works particularly well for me. I unlock at work, clip my lock to my bag, and when I get home I grab the bag, enclose the bike, and up we go to the apartment.

It matters less now, but in the dead of winter this procedure avoids the frustrating frozen cable lock problem.

Julie said...

I happened upon your blog and it's a delight! I just started biking again and so enjoy being a part of the flow. I, too, have a bike bag is a bit faded and worn, but it's a little slice of days long gone and knowing that always makes me smile...