31 July 2008

They really ARE cute....

Waiting folder bike
I realized that part of why I think folders are cute is that a Brompton folds its underside to sit down, just like a dog. Then he sits and waits for you to come back for him.

A regular bike looks like its ready to roll off at any time, but a folder looks like a patient and loyal hound.

Dog photo by DBarrett

30 July 2008

Blue Strapless Dress

cycling bike strapless dress
She was going so fast I mostly missed her. Still, that dress there is fighting gravity without the help of straps. Go blue dress girl!

29 July 2008

Stuck a feather in his cap...

Yankee Doodle cyclist
I'd seen him going the other way where the feather was more obvious, but my trigger finger was too slow. I got him on his return, and whistled "Yankee Doodle" the rest of the evening.

Yankee Doodle cyclist

Ladies on Bikes in Boston

You all know that last night I was feeling pretty discouraged at the lack of Boston Bike Infrastructure - it can be a tough road sometimes. However, this blog saved my spirits as I ended up taking lots of photos of the other folks who were out. I found the diversity of women inspirational.

Boston lady cyclist
From super-hip singlespeed girl....

Boston lady cyclist
To moms chatting on sidewalks...

And more, so stay tuned!

28 July 2008

Preparing for my commute

Boston bicycle commute
This is a photo from my commute. Most of the time it's fine, I can handle the lack of bike infrastructure. I'm tough.

Today I'm tired from a super-long bike ride yesterday. I just wish I could have a simple, easy, safe commute home. But I can't, so I'll have to be extra alert and careful. Have a great night everyone.

27 July 2008

A very girly bike

girly townie bike
Tiny sky blue woman's frame townie?
Pretty girly.

Basket on the front?
Rather girly.

Flowers on the basket?
Very girly.

Little bees decorating the flowers on the basket?
Possibly the girliest bike I've seen yet.

Hurray for girly bikes!

girly townie bicycle

24 July 2008

Men on folders

Yesterday I saw a gorgeous girl on an darling orange folding bike, riding up to MIT. The bike was so cute that I smiled and I think she was startled and happy and smiled back. She is just the second girl I've seen on a folder in all of Boston.

Where are you girls on folders? Will you send a photo of your 'look'?

Why is this type of bike so much more popular with the men?

Man on a folding bike
Man on a folding bike
Man on a folding bike
Man on a folding bike
Man on a folding bike

23 July 2008

Playful Polkadots

lady cycling Boston
Boston isn't the easiest city in which to cycle, yet this lady was happily flying down Mass Ave on her three speed. I'm guessing that's her lunch in the pannier, she clearly doesn't need to change her clothes when she gets to the office.

Cool Morning Cute

3 speed Boston
3 speed commuter BostonWe're getting some summer rain and a bit of a chill today. It's a welcome break from the humidity! This lady was looking sleek in her cardigan and slingbacks. I love how she's strapped her bag to her rack (it looks so rugged!) and she's clearly got a very nice saddle. Indeed all her choices appear to be 'quality over flashiness'. I approve!

That's quite the chainguard she has there.

22 July 2008

This Bike Runs on Dunkin'

There is nothing more "Boston" than Dunkin' Donuts coffee. It is a cultural institution the likes of which I haven't seen elsewhere, except perhaps for rumors of Australians and their Vegemite.

If you don't get the Dunkin' Donuts 'Great One' (a full 710mL of jus de chausette coffee) then you could use this bike-mounted coffee holder.

But what's the fun in that?

(Note: this guy isn't drinking a Great One either. I am not sure a single person could manage it.)

Yellow Tulip

The Electra Amsterdam has been released in a fancier Classic 3 "Tulip" model, with a tulip motif on the saddle, grips, and mudflaps.

Does the dolling up of the Amsterdam mean that the model was a smashing success and consumers are demanding more models?

Or does it mean that Americans didn't really care for a subdued utility bicycle and they prefer form over function?

Of the two, which bike would you choose?

Photos by the manufacturer and by dancingisland

Gracious Boston

mature lady on a bike
elderly on a bikeOK America - If a lady my grandma's age can ride a bike this elegantly on the mean streets of Boston, there is no excuse for the rest of us.

I'll see you on your bike! If you're still there in sixty years? That's cycle chic.

21 July 2008

Bike Commuting in Boston

There is a bicycle commuting article in today's Boston Globe. Very pragmatic.

I will agree with the spare clothes advice. Today was the first day I should have brought a change of shirt. I'm dry now but when I walked into the office I was, ahem, 'glowing'. That humidity is something else!

19 July 2008

Elegant Eggplant

All day in an office and then off on the bike. It can be done!

18 July 2008

Breezy White

girl on bike in white top
She looks cool and relaxed at MIT.

17 July 2008

Advanced Bicycling - more than one bike

I've often wondered how you get a new bike home if you don't have a car. This seems pretty advanced in terms of cycling skills. One at a time for me!

16 July 2008

Sequined cuffs spotted in Cambridge!

sequined cycling bike bicycle cuff anklet clip
Pinstripes and singlespeeds and sequined cuffs, oh my!

There's nothing quite like a business lady on a bike.

cycling bike bicycle trouser cuff anklet clip

15 July 2008

A charming group effort

Boston cyclist 3-speed church
I chanced upon this lovely lady and told her about this blog, asking to take her photo. She already knew of the blog (how exciting!) because her friend had been featured on the blog twice already.

This lovely lady then went on to explain to me how she came by her bike. It, and basically everything on it, as well as the maintenance for it, have been gifts through the last few years. That dynohub of hers I was lusting over? That was last year's birthday present from a group of friends. The parts go on like that. She pointed out her light which attaches to the dynohub is modern, and doesn't go as well with the overall 'look' of the bike. I have been looking into these dynohubs, and it seems her friends are very wise, the modern light will save her many headaches and blown lightbulbs.

blue Raleigh Sports 3-speed vintage

I just love that she has streamers.

14 July 2008

A year ago today

Yep, that's me. My top and skirt were white eyelet lace, the helmet has white flowers on it. That's my husband behind me on the narrow path and rice making the white specs in the air. It was a magical evening, and we were glad to leave by bike - to hear and smell and taste and really see the night; after all the excitement all day it was the perfect finish.

Yes, my bike has many gears on it but somehow we still managed to cruise slowly, savoring the ride. All this time later there is still one piece of rice lodged in my stem, just on top of my handlebars.

12 July 2008

11 July 2008

Rare Bicycle Posters

I'd love to share a nice email from my brother-in-law:
I took a few minutes today to enjoy a wonderful 1973 book of reprint bicycle ad posters and I snapped a few photos of some I thought you’d enjoy. They were predominantly French, capitalizing on the sense of freedom that one might enjoy on a bike, especially if you’re a Joan of Arc type that would dig riding topless.

While the marketing themes have endured more than a century, the quality of artwork certainly declined. Attached are a few shots from Jack Rennert's "100 Years of Bicycle Posters".

Here are some unique ones:

Springfield Massachusetts bike poster
There's our local Massachusetts touch!

Schwalbe 1930s bike poster
I think this poster is exceedingly elegant.

Raleigh 70s bike poster
Cycle chic is not a new idea - Raleigh girls were chic long before I was born!

Little red 3-speed

Red three speed bike Boston
There's nothing cuter than a three speed bike.

10 July 2008

Boston bicycle cops

Boston bicycle cops
Right after I published this photo I caught up with the bike cops at JP Licks, a local home-made ice cream spot. We had a nice chat and I thanked them for all they do to keep us cyclists safe. They told me how much they enjoy riding bikes on their beat, and how much faster they are on bikes than in squad cars. They also get to talk to the community, like me!

It seems they're given a choice of a Trek or a Specialized. Their bike is their bike, but if another's bike is broken and they're not working that day they can expect their bike to go out with someone else. I'd like to think I'd be ok with that, but I get so attached to my bike. Even sharing with my husband makes me a little nervous.

Anyway, thank you bike cops for all you do to keep us cyclists safe!

09 July 2008

Blue Helmet and Big Shades

On to happier thoughts: What a cute little mixte!

girl's bike Boston

Make Way for Ducklings

Boston Public Garden off-limits to cyclists
The Boston Public Garden is off-limits to cyclists. Since at least 1941, when Robert McCloskey wrote the charming Make Way for Ducklings there has been a perception of Boston cyclists as dangerous and rude.

Boston Public Garden bike cyclist cycling law rules make way for ducklingsA car vs. cyclist article yesterday in the Boston Globe had me angry all last night. Angry at the cars who can't see the bigger picture. Angry at the cyclists with the same problem. Why can't we see that everything we do affects people around us? When selfish cyclists flout the rules I, by virtue of simply being on my bike, end up at risk of being targeted for felony criminal assault, through no fault of my own.

The comments following that Globe article are sobering. I'd hate to see cycling outlawed on the streets of Boston. What a step backwards that would be for everyone. I'm too angry to write any more, I'm going to leave it at that.

Sleek Gilles Berthoud Fenders

Gilles Berthoud stainless steel fenders
I love my Honjo fenders for my bike, but I know there are bikes out there on which these stainless steel fenders would be beyond sexy. Damn they're hot!

08 July 2008

I Like White Bikes

Boston cyclist white bag and bike
A white bike just seems 'cute' to me.

Another custom basket

He started with the Sunlite Pizza Basket but then added additional support. After taking this photo I later saw the bike with its rider crossing the Mass Ave. Bridge.

07 July 2008

Porteur Bike Noir

porteur urban cycling bike
Photo from Cyclofiend.

I was recently drooling (virtually!) on these gorgeous French porteur bikes. They seem to be largely ignored by the fans of the Dutch bike but I think they're super-sexy. Then it dawned on me - my bike is starting to look a bit like them! I guess my time in Paris made a deeper impression than I thought.

urban cycling porteur bike
I still want that chainguard, and I can't decide on a front rack or a front basket. Black or silver? So many choices!

DIY front bike basket

I chanced upon this bike basket locked up on Newbury Street. It is an ordinary oval basket, probably purchased for a dollar or two at a craft shop.

handmade DIY bike bicycle basket
She (and I'm going to assume this was a girl's bike based on a lot of clues) then used yarn and feathers to decorate, and attached the whole thing with zip ties. It would be hard to cut them, and the basket isn't valuable enough to steal, so in the end she got an inexpensive and very practical basket.

customized front bicycle basket

06 July 2008

Summer style and speed

Boston cyclist
Men in linen cause me to swoon. The bike is sexy too!

I'm not sure where this gentleman would fit in the slow bicycle movement? Few gears, (few brakes!), upright bars, simple bike, street clothes, no helmet, bike as transportation, etc. yet not actually moving slowly... Tough one.

How fast is too fast to be a slow bike?

05 July 2008

Shades of Blue

Blue bike, blue bag, blue jean skirt, blue top, and you can't see it but blue eyes too.

Love the kitten heels!

Boston girl cyclist