22 July 2008

This Bike Runs on Dunkin'

There is nothing more "Boston" than Dunkin' Donuts coffee. It is a cultural institution the likes of which I haven't seen elsewhere, except perhaps for rumors of Australians and their Vegemite.

If you don't get the Dunkin' Donuts 'Great One' (a full 710mL of jus de chausette coffee) then you could use this bike-mounted coffee holder.

But what's the fun in that?

(Note: this guy isn't drinking a Great One either. I am not sure a single person could manage it.)


Tom said...

I kinda of wonder why he is biting his lower lip. He looks stresed. I think he may have a serious cafeine buzz... or perhaps its coffee stain on his white shorts.

Leon said...

Just a cultural note, it's Vegemite and nothing else will do. Marmite is a British thing I think.

Charlotte said...

Thank you for that! I've spent plenty of time in Britain but never (yet) been to Australia, so it's definitely my mistake. I've corrected it so I won't mislead others. Thank you.