11 July 2008

Rare Bicycle Posters

I'd love to share a nice email from my brother-in-law:
I took a few minutes today to enjoy a wonderful 1973 book of reprint bicycle ad posters and I snapped a few photos of some I thought you’d enjoy. They were predominantly French, capitalizing on the sense of freedom that one might enjoy on a bike, especially if you’re a Joan of Arc type that would dig riding topless.

While the marketing themes have endured more than a century, the quality of artwork certainly declined. Attached are a few shots from Jack Rennert's "100 Years of Bicycle Posters".

Here are some unique ones:

Springfield Massachusetts bike poster
There's our local Massachusetts touch!

Schwalbe 1930s bike poster
I think this poster is exceedingly elegant.

Raleigh 70s bike poster
Cycle chic is not a new idea - Raleigh girls were chic long before I was born!


m e l i g r o s a said...

wow these are sweet! I have gotten a number of them thru allposters.com
They have a pretty good selection if one searches vintage bikes or retro. I am entirely in love with pre60s bike posters <3

m e l i g r o s a said...

'vintage bicycles' gives like 400 results. vintage bikes= 14
well Ive bought from them and they are the zappos of posters :)