09 July 2008

Sleek Gilles Berthoud Fenders

Gilles Berthoud stainless steel fenders
I love my Honjo fenders for my bike, but I know there are bikes out there on which these stainless steel fenders would be beyond sexy. Damn they're hot!


Bruce's Bike Blog said...


Did you have a bike shop install those beautiful fenders? I have some plastic ones--cheap and they work--but have to be "tuned" almost all the time to keep them from rubbing on the tires. Are these metal ones the way to go?
Your blog is fun to check in on! Cheers! Bruce

Charlotte said...

I had my husband install them, and I had to take him to a nice dinner afterwards (it wasn't an easy job). The Honjos are nice that the hardware holds them pretty solid. I have only ever had metal fenders so I can't compare them to plastic.

Maybe someone else can comment here?

Thanks for stopping by!

2whls3spds said...

The metal fenders are a bit heavier and prone to dings...but they do stay adjusted better than the plastic/aluminum/composite ones. I usually use the aluminum-plastic ones, if one gets damaged it won't irritate me as bad as if a nice metal one does. FWIW several of my bikes have the nice painted to match fenders.


miss sarah said...

These look amazing. I've been riding without a rear fender for months and now that it's starting to rain quite frequently, simply tying a plastic back to my rear carrier isn't quite cutting the chase. The store keeps saying it's 'on order'... but that was since April. The thought of those shiny steel ones (I think heavy is good + tough) makes me salivate. Thanks for the link!