27 July 2008

A very girly bike

girly townie bike
Tiny sky blue woman's frame townie?
Pretty girly.

Basket on the front?
Rather girly.

Flowers on the basket?
Very girly.

Little bees decorating the flowers on the basket?
Possibly the girliest bike I've seen yet.

Hurray for girly bikes!

girly townie bicycle


Anonymous said...

Especially because it's an old Schwinn (likely Suburban) girlie townie Cadillac Bike.

Realizing that this is terribly subjective, ol alf sayz that in-concert, that's the most comfortable saddle, bars, and grips ever built onto a bike.

Tom said...

This just made me smile... (a guy who appreciates gilie girls).

m e l i g r o s a said...

very pretty. that could be my bikes lost long blu bike sister.

Melissa said...

I love it! I've been needing inspiration to girly up my already girly bike. This is helping.

I need a front basket to decorate, though. I bought a wooden/canvas one at the thrift store and plan on attaching it with some ribbon to the handlebars, then upping the girly ante there. (My milk crate on the back is reflective, but not terribly girly.) I'll post up some pics once I do it (after my first craft fair is behind me next weekend).

Charlotte said...

Hey Melissa,

I'd be careful of attaching it with ribbons, unless you plan to take it off regularly. I thought this DIY basket was sufficiently theft-deterred with the zip ties.

You'd have to be carrying scissors or a knife to steal it.

SunnyS said...

like Melissa's, my bike needs some girly-fication too. Thanks for capturing the inspiration for an eco/garden themed re-incarnation of my green goddess machine! :-)

P.S. Wore the sparkly green sequined cuffs again today -- love 'em.