09 July 2008

Blue Helmet and Big Shades

On to happier thoughts: What a cute little mixte!

girl's bike Boston


Tom said...

She is certainly a cutie. But what is a mixtie?

Nick Johnson said...

Yeah, but look at the fork... It's a cute--although abused--mixte

m e l i g r o s a said...

I love the bike model! something about that slingback frame, such cute ride!

Charlotte said...

A mixte is a frame that's supposedly unisex, but usually ridden by women. It is characterized by the split top tube that goes all the way back to the rear drop-outs. This stabilizes the frame more than a traditional "woman's" frame, but is still more flexible than a traditional triangle "man's" frame.

In otherwords, it's the "slingback" frame that meligrosa so aptly commented!