10 July 2008

Boston bicycle cops

Boston bicycle cops
Right after I published this photo I caught up with the bike cops at JP Licks, a local home-made ice cream spot. We had a nice chat and I thanked them for all they do to keep us cyclists safe. They told me how much they enjoy riding bikes on their beat, and how much faster they are on bikes than in squad cars. They also get to talk to the community, like me!

It seems they're given a choice of a Trek or a Specialized. Their bike is their bike, but if another's bike is broken and they're not working that day they can expect their bike to go out with someone else. I'd like to think I'd be ok with that, but I get so attached to my bike. Even sharing with my husband makes me a little nervous.

Anyway, thank you bike cops for all you do to keep us cyclists safe!


Almafuerte said...

oh! less icecream to that cop! I don,t think he can get a thief with a bicicle, give him a car (a big american car) ja ja, just joking! Josè Marìa from Argentina

Tom said...

I have enjoyed your biking cops photos. Thanks for the shots.
Here in my neck of the woods ETSU police has just begun using. I believe the city force is starting to use them as well but I haven't sen them. Its a good sign of things to come. Good for them (and us)!

kareninprogress said...

I love the bike cops too. They are great in terms of community oriented policing and kids seem to want to identify with them. I was mistaken for a bike cop once by a group of kids in a somewhat rougher end of the city where I lived several years ago - they seemed quite disappointed when I told them I was just a regular rider who happened to have a really cool bike.

m e l i g r o s a said...

that is too funny, the cop is not 'actually eating a donut' BUT a fresh coffee summer drink FRRROOMMMM dunkin donuts, now that's kinda cute i gotta admit.
I think Trek does a specific (exclusive?) edition to police dpts. it is a hybrid bike, but with some extra gadgets. Sounds like Ive heard someone mention something like that before;