28 July 2008

Preparing for my commute

Boston bicycle commute
This is a photo from my commute. Most of the time it's fine, I can handle the lack of bike infrastructure. I'm tough.

Today I'm tired from a super-long bike ride yesterday. I just wish I could have a simple, easy, safe commute home. But I can't, so I'll have to be extra alert and careful. Have a great night everyone.


JPTwins said...

You went on a super long bike ride, and you're telling us about your commute? where'd you go?

Also to stay on topic, when you go on a "super long bike ride" do you still keep things chic, or do you wear the padded pants and spandex and so on? I can say that if i'm riding on a longer trip, a certain amount of comfort and aerodynamics becomes important.

Charlotte said...

Well, this blog is about chic city cycling so I was going to leave sport out of it. My super-long ride was my longest ever, from Dartmouth College to my apartment (~150 miles). I still can't quite believe I made it.

My ensemble was not chic other than being exceedingly practical - helmet, bright blue sleeveless jersey, yellow raincoat, black spandex shorts with integrated miniskirt, little socks, and cycling shoes with SPD cleats. When the cold rain started falling yesterday afternoon it all proved to be inadequate, but I survived.

Fritz said...

Cool photo of traffic. It looks a little bit like my commute. I don't usually wear a miniskirt on my bike rides, though :-)

Tom said...

Wow that is a super long trip. I gotta admit I'm not ready for super long. Great job, have someone give you a relaxing foot rub and enjoy a nice glass of wine. Pamper yourself.... you deserve it!

m e l i g r o s a said...

thats cool. i Rode 40ish miles recently and did a lot better than I though I would. 100+ miles, very cool. Id love to see a lil post about it. I also love seeing people's routes or scenery, some of my friends see pictures and they dont even know is from around the corner from their place !! :)

MarkSF said...

Congratulations on your long ride from Dartmouth! I think the farthest I've ever ridden at one time in the Boston area was from the burbs (Randolph) to Boston and back, which was about 50 miles round trip, when I was still in high school.

Your photo provides a nice sense of your commute. That looks to me like Mass Ave somwhere past Commonwealth ... I recognize Symphony Hall in the background. Mass Ave doesn't look so bike-friendly in this photo. How much of your commute is on streets like that one?

burrito said...

Oy - just looking at that car-dominated mass makes me want to run and hide. I'm such a pansy when it comes to commuting... check out my commute (via a flickr slideshow) to understand how easy I've got it:


I do wish I was a bit more hard core... maybe one day.

Anonymous said...

Charlotte, A safer route parallel to Mass Ave in Boston is W Newton Street, around the Pru to Hereford St to Beacon St over the Harvard Bridge then you're OK. Four blocks longer but thats nothing after 150 miles the day before.