15 July 2008

A charming group effort

Boston cyclist 3-speed church
I chanced upon this lovely lady and told her about this blog, asking to take her photo. She already knew of the blog (how exciting!) because her friend had been featured on the blog twice already.

This lovely lady then went on to explain to me how she came by her bike. It, and basically everything on it, as well as the maintenance for it, have been gifts through the last few years. That dynohub of hers I was lusting over? That was last year's birthday present from a group of friends. The parts go on like that. She pointed out her light which attaches to the dynohub is modern, and doesn't go as well with the overall 'look' of the bike. I have been looking into these dynohubs, and it seems her friends are very wise, the modern light will save her many headaches and blown lightbulbs.

blue Raleigh Sports 3-speed vintage

I just love that she has streamers.


Melissa said...

I've actually been contemplating streamers lately, and hers are lovely...

Burton said...

For people who want modern, reliable lighting but a retro look, check this out: http://www.velo-orange.com/bmreliwstand.html

Anonymous said...

The lady has a nice bike there. Based on the chainring and assuming it is original to the bike, the bike is 1972 or earlier.

Charlotte, if you can steal the lady's blue rear fender for me I'll trade you a DynoHub for it (VBG)

2whls3spds said...

Same light I was going to recommend. I have one for my Compact RSW along with a dyno hub. If you aren't going to run a tail light make sure you get the 3 watt bulbs!

Love the bike!

alf...behave! ;-)


Cpingenot said...

Looks like Burton beat me to it-
When I got a dynohub last year I agonized between the "modern" lights which have a capacitor driven LED that stays on when you're stopped and ones that looked like they belonged on my old bike.

The B&M lights available through Velo-Orange looks like the solution to my dilemma. I saw them a couple of weeks ago and I'm afraid I'm going to have to get one despite that meaning that I'll have three B&M lights (one without switch that went with my tire dynamo, the one that I use now with switch and this nice new one!)
At least it's less than $50 and I know it's good quality German engineering.

Now if I could just find high quality metal black fenders and a US source for Steco racks....

miss sarah said...

Bike, adorable. Bag, excellent. Smile, fabulous:)

Giuseppe said...

My friend Eve! Always extraordinairily cool.