06 July 2008

Summer style and speed

Boston cyclist
Men in linen cause me to swoon. The bike is sexy too!

I'm not sure where this gentleman would fit in the slow bicycle movement? Few gears, (few brakes!), upright bars, simple bike, street clothes, no helmet, bike as transportation, etc. yet not actually moving slowly... Tough one.

How fast is too fast to be a slow bike?


2whls3spds said...

Dunno about slow ;-) It looks like a fixie and I will give credit for the front brake, the rear basket and fenders; however it looks like the rear has slid a bit. I like my fixie in snowy weather, it gives me much better control.


Charlotte said...

I was going singlespeed because of the brake, but I suppose you're right, it could be fixed.

kareninprogress said...

Yes, guys in linen are sexy. Very jcrew.

Anonymous said...

thats actually an all cotton brooks brothers shirt with cotton vintage pinstripe shorts...and to confirm...it is a fixed gear.

-Justin (man in yellow)

Charlotte said...

Awww, Justin, cotton is almost as swoon-worthy as linen.

So what's your position on this 'slow bike' movement?