30 July 2008

Blue Strapless Dress

cycling bike strapless dress
She was going so fast I mostly missed her. Still, that dress there is fighting gravity without the help of straps. Go blue dress girl!


The Bronze Bombshell said...

I'm afraid to go strapless on my bike and when I where a particular halter dress I loop the string into a little knot to make sure it doesn't slip or move anywhere it shouldn't. She's a brave one.

indigo said...

i like your comments on the cyclists that you see. i have an interest in pannier bags at the moment. i have started cycling to work and am having a bit of difficulty transporting bags and things and so on. i am desperate to get some attractive bags and have started a frantic search. i am hopefully close to completion of my task. i cycle on a dutch bike and other london road users can be a little thoughtless so the less baggage on your back the better to keep your wits about you.

Charlotte said...

Indigo -
Funny you should mention that, I've been searching for something cute for my little sister, who's going off to college.

I agree that it's much better on the bike than on your back. If you're shopping in pounds sterling I'd look at the Carradice Bike Bureau - I have one and LOVE it. Perhaps not the chic-est of chic, but oh so functional. It's too spendy for a gift that might not get used, so I've been looking at the Basil bags. They're brighter and quite cheerful. Please let me know what you choose! I'll be posting about it too.

indigo said...

i am glad that you mentioned the Basil bags as they have a very good range. the new look range is also one to have a butchers at. i like the postino bag and also there is a postman bag that could do the trick as well. these things are hard to get hold of though. i will look at the carradice as i like to buy good british design as well. they have nice straps. do you have dynamo lights on your bike?

Charlotte said...

I don't yet have dynamos on my bike, that's a work in progress! The little sister's future bike has a front dynamo.