07 July 2008

Porteur Bike Noir

porteur urban cycling bike
Photo from Cyclofiend.

I was recently drooling (virtually!) on these gorgeous French porteur bikes. They seem to be largely ignored by the fans of the Dutch bike but I think they're super-sexy. Then it dawned on me - my bike is starting to look a bit like them! I guess my time in Paris made a deeper impression than I thought.

urban cycling porteur bike
I still want that chainguard, and I can't decide on a front rack or a front basket. Black or silver? So many choices!


Dan1964 said...

May I suggest a front rack (Nitto) as a base, then attach a wald basket--zip ties work great. With the Nitto you don't have a choice but silver. the only downside is once you put the Nitto on the front you'll want one on the back. btw, the silver will look great with the color of your bike, better than the black I think.

Charlotte said...

Yeah, I had wanted silver for the back but my local bike shop didn't have that and I couldn't wait. Carrying my gear on my back was no longer an option!

If I end up with Nittos both front and back I'll have to save up a while longer!

JPTwins said...

I second the Nitto, even though like you, i still have to save up for them.

Since i had to have silver everything, i ended up using this option: REI Novara rack and attaching a large Wald basket to it.

The porteur racks and chain guards from Velo orange looks great!

Also, if you dig the French porteurs, you ought to check out this book: The Golden Age of Handbuilt Bicycles or any of the magazines from Vintage Bicycle Press.


Tiago said...

I'm Tiago from Paris, I suggest a basket, it's just perfect for a girls bike. And you can have a chain gard exclusive, made in Willow, from David Hembrow


Our byke just gona be great !!!

Don't forget... style over speed...



Charlotte said...

Hi Tiago,
Thanks for stopping by!
You haven't seen what the dollar has been up to, have you? I was just on vacation in France and I can't be buying any more imports for a while. Lovely though.

KT said...

Hi Charlotte,
Ever since sacrificing my palazzo pants to my chain, I've been on the lookout for a nice chainguard for my black Motobecane. Let me know if you find something sweet.

Seems like we both have a thing for French bicycles!