23 July 2008

Cool Morning Cute

3 speed Boston
3 speed commuter BostonWe're getting some summer rain and a bit of a chill today. It's a welcome break from the humidity! This lady was looking sleek in her cardigan and slingbacks. I love how she's strapped her bag to her rack (it looks so rugged!) and she's clearly got a very nice saddle. Indeed all her choices appear to be 'quality over flashiness'. I approve!

That's quite the chainguard she has there.


vin said...

Looks like an old Sturmey-Archer quadrant shifter on the top tube, too.
That is an old cycle!

Tom said...

I couldn't help but notice the guy in the background. He has a front basket(?) and a blue strap on his leg. She appears to be flying by him....or is it the other way around?

Charlotte said...

It's a Y in the road - she's coming by my breakfast spot, he's going further south. It's kinda a bike hotspot, I go there for that reason. It's hard to get all these photos you see!

2whls3spds said...


That is what is know as a full chain case. It is still used today on the "dutch" bikes, and some others. It keeps the chain clean, reducing maintenance and keeps the rider clean too.


Anonymous said...

Several months ago ol alf searched wordwide for one of those quadrant shifters and finally bought one from a guy in England. Less than two months later a quadrant shifter-equipped pre-War Hercules less than a mile from my house sorta fell into my lap for not too much more cash than the shifter alone cost me.

Sure do enjoy seeing all the girls-on-3-speeds pics from Boston. That reminds me, "Playful Polka-Dots" is riding a neat old bike as well. Note her pedals have no amber reflectors which dates the bike to the mid-sixties maybe or earlier. Check the whitewall front tire even.

Now Charlotte, about that blue Raleigh rear fender . . . .

gwadzilla said...

that bike works well for her

that chainguard is very euro

quite functional as well

Anonymous said...

Looks like a Raleigh from the chrome dimple in the fork crown and if the frame is all original possibly a Sports Tourist (Model 37) (cable brakes, oil-bath type chainguard, spearpoint mudguard on front, black finish on frame). Looks like the wheels are spoked F32 R40 too. The rat-trap pedals are a later mod

The gear shift on the top tube is either a later conceit...or this is a nicely cleaned and updated pre-WW2 model. The white tail on the rear mudguard is just possibly contemporary...

Am I being too much of a geek?