03 July 2008

Excitement is building in Boston

Here a great pair of legs pauses for traffic in front of the television crews preparing for tomorrow's big fireworks display over the Charles River. This is the 35th year of the 4th of July show, with concerts by the Boston Pops and this year's guest Rascal Flats.

While the concerts are nice, my personal favorite part is the fireworks. The website says that
this year's will be the largest and most complex Boston Fourth of July pyrotechnic display to date. More than 20 thousand pounds of explosives will be used for the display, which will include the largest shells yet to be used - ten-inch diameter shells that will climb to 1500 feet - nearly one and a half times the height of the Hancock Tower. This year's fireworks have an international flair as well - devices are being imported from Portugal, Spain, China, Japan, and Italy.

Oh boy, oh boy! Big explosions - I can't wait!


Tom said...

Nice photo- in fact you really have some wonderful shots! I can't share your enthusiasm for fireworks though. Its too expensive, way too expensive. Forget the fireworks and give everyone on a bike a hamburger or hotdog (then charge for chips and beer). That would be a party!

Charlotte said...

Too funny! I can't share your excitement for hamburgers and hot dogs - expensive in their own way. But to each their own!

At the very least, in addition to the throngs of people who see it in person, the show in Boston is broadcast on CBS so others who want to see fireworks can enjoy it vicariously.

This will be the first year my Granny won't be watching the Boston Pops Firework Extravaganza - we used to watch it together when I was a little girl. I'd forgotten about that. She passed last August.

Anyway, happy 4th, however you spend it!