21 July 2010

Summer Cycling in Davis Square

gentleman cyclist summertimeIt's sure humid out there today! Hope you find cool breezes on your bike.


Velouria said...

Kudos to his easy-going demeanor! Davis Square is one of my least favourite places to cycle through, despite the fact that I do it almost daily.

Cris C. said...

cool breezes today, certainly, and (at least for me) a tailwind to boot!

that fellow's outfit (light breezy collared shirt + brown cargo shorts) has been my default commuter outfit for the last month or so (though, perhaps swap the flip-flops for trail sandals and add a helmet)

Charlotte said...

I think this morning was the most beautiful day all summer. It's a crime to be indoors now.

Bike Winston-Salem said...

It's always good to see a cyclist in normal clothes. Well done sir.