30 January 2012

Vanmoof City Bike

We spotted an interesting bike down by the Louvre. I should have gotten full-bike photos, but you can see some of those at the Vanmoof website. 

It looked to me like the headlight was integrated into the top tube, but we can't find a power source, or a switch. 
Taken to remember the manufacturer, you can also see their welds.

I would have expected a red tail light.
From the manufacturer's website they explain:
These LEDS not only charge themselves by sunlight, but in addition you can charge these LED lights with the micro USB cable of your phone. You simply turn the lights on by pushing the small black button on the side of the LED. They only work in the dark so they can never waste energy! These indestructible bulbs are also used for airport landing strips. They are strong and hater-proof. 

OK, that's admittedly pretty cool...

It looks like this bike became available in the States just three days ago, but the price is much better in Europe.

FYI, these are the same folks who make the Strida bikes!


dr2chase said...

I'm sure all the electronics are stuffed into that oversized top tube, which provides more than enough room. That should give them room for a nice slide-in/out frame/rack/chassis to hold all the parts nicely in place.

I've been looking into doing something similar, working to a 1-inch diameter (seat tube on an old 3-speed, steerer tube on a threadless fork) and getting it to that size is a good deal more tricky. Unclear if everything will be protected from destructive rattling or not.

somervillain said...

Very interesting, I saw the nearly identical bike in Porter Square yesterday. I didn't have a chance to walk up and check it out, I only saw the owner ride up to a bike rack and lock it up.

It does appear to have some innovative and useful features.

Olaf said...

Hi, I'm glad you like the bike! We always get lots of attention with the VANMOOF. The VANMOOF bikes are already available for two years in the US. You can visit http://www.vanmoof.com/dealers-land.php?landnaam=usa to see where the dealers are located or go to www.amsterdambikesusa.com if you are in the LA area ;-). Prices starting at $528 instead of $898...

Dick Bernauer said...

Thanks for the attention guys!
VANMOOF bikes are available in a select number of stores throughout the US and Canada. Please visit our website for more dealer info. www.vanmoof.com or shoot me an email at dick@vanmoof.com