20 January 2012

Steering Wheel?

Here's a funny bike we spotted in London. I think the steering wheel came off a child's toy. I was staring at the bike and my father didn't even notice the steering wheel, he was so impressed by the lock!

Do you think this person is from New York?


cycler said...


I've seen a steering wheel on a bike before, but not with the brake levers and bell attached!


That is a cool lock- I wonder if that's an antique of some kind, or if you could buy a lock like that in a lot of British hardware stores.

mark t. said...

I think this relic once belonged to the designer of the Lincoln cent. Victor David Brenner (VDB) once lived in New York.

AlecMuffett said...

I know this bike, I've met the chap who rides it and have photographed it and documented it here:



He told me the wheel was rescued from an old (vintage-era) Formula-1 race car.

2whls3spds said...

Interesting hack, I have seen steering wheels on bikes over the years, primarily on custom bikes like Low Riders I seem to recall using my allowance to buy a steering wheel from a junkyard many, many, many years ago to customize my Western Flyer.


Pete (The Cyclery Bike Tees) said...

Pretty great bike, although steering wheels on bikes aren't common for a reason! An accident in the works. That said the bike makes a nice statement as a whole.

Bike Locks said...

Really funny, this cyclist want to enjoy riding with the handle of a ship.. :)