03 November 2010

Reflective badges

A long-time reader alerted me to the fun badges being offered at Velorution.

Sadly, these fun badges are only available in the UK. In looking at the gallery, it appears an approximation could be made with 3M Scotchlite fabric and the Dritz button kits.

I'm thinking a lot about the time change this weekend and how to stay visible and safe when leaving work in the dark. Stay tuned for more ideas and questions.


Anonymous said...

How Cool! Love it and love the idea of being able to make our own too!

cycler said...

Oh those are fabulous. I need to get myself some of that scotchlight fabric.
I wish I could find a source for "real" width of such fabric (like 54" wide)

Charlotte said...

Cycler, I've never seen it for sale wider than 4". I agree that wider sections would be nice!

chief scribe said...

Not only cool, but cheap and practical. Look forward to trying this out for myself.

Thanks for the great tip!

Jurgita said...


these reflective badges are available at: http://www.contraforma.com/en/small-stuff/safety-reflective-badge.html;