19 January 2011

Happy day but no photos

Today I got to ride for the first time since the big snowfall last week. What a relief it was! I was in a much better mood all day and I honestly felt safer in the street - the plows and salt/sanding made the road surfaces much more consistent than the sidewalks and by avoiding rush hours I had no problem taking the lane when needed.

Beacon Street has a de facto bike lane. There's so much snow that the normal parking spaces are filled and the cars are parked in the travel lane, leaving a bike lane's worth of travel lane free and clear. It was perfect!

I can also confirm empirically that with my old metal pedals there is no problem wearing YakTrax while riding. Indeed in the few times I walked my bike for safety I was glad I didn't need to stop and put these on. They were there when I needed them and did not catch or snag on my pedals while I was riding.

My husband has the camera on a business trip, so I regret that we will continue to be light on photos here at Chic Cyclists, but I hope to soon be able to share images of some of the hardy souls I've been seeing out and about - and their extra-tough bikes!

Stay warm...

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