25 August 2011

New Mixte on the Block

This mixte has moved into my neighborhood. I'm loving all the chrome, the VO double-hammered fenders in particular, and the stitched leather handgrips. I'm definitely doing that next time I re-wrap my bars.

The cloth tape protection is a nice touch!

I'm tempted to leave a note saying this bike is too sexy to spend the night outside. We've had a lot of bike thefts recently. My husband commented that he hopes it's not another of those "boyfriend builds his girlfriend the perfect bike but she doesn't fully appreciate the effort" stories. Hmmmm.


Velouria said...

he hopes it's not another of those "boyfriend builds his girlfriend the perfect bike but she doesn't fully appreciate the effort" stories

That made me laugh, I've certainly seen those!

That is a beautiful bike. I am tempted to say that it's good the owner feels comfortable enough to leave it outdoors; no doubt that increases its usefulness. On the other hand, bike theft... It's a tough call.

Anonymous said...

I recently got a pointer to this post on the Adventure Cycling blog for "I think your bike is keen!" style spokecards. Lends itself to leaving in free text on the reverse side.

There's an ANT fixed gear that's always locked up outside of a coffee shop between where cycler and I work (and occasionally a Rivendell A Homer Hilsen in front of a local sub shop) and I keep wanting to leave notes letting them know that there's secure indoor bike parking only a block away.

Anonymous said...

Such a nice mixte! I just got a junker that I plan to fix up this winter, and I hope mine comes out half as nice.

Anonymous said...

I'd leave them a note. If they didn't care about the bike, they wouldn't take the time to cover the seat from the rain.

MamaVee said...

hmmmm, I wish my man would build me the perfect bike... if that is the case and she doesn't want it I'll take it. :-) and keep it cozy in a garage.

Anonymous said...

i have those same fenders but man, they look great on a black bike. I'm with Mama Vee - wish my man would build me a bike like that!

Definitely leave a note re: poss. theft. It's always a good reminder and they could have just moved from a place (like where I live) where everything is super-safe.

donna42 said...

She sure is too sexy & precious to be left out in the rain all night.
Maybe the person only has a flat or apartment.
And girls, you don't have to wait for your man to build you one! It may never happen. Start a project of your own this winter. Save an old bike from going in to landfill. learn some new skills
You will feel even more proud when you hear those comments "Lovely Bike"

Dottie said...


I think an upgraded lock would be a good idea, at least. Looks like the basic Kryptonite. For a bike kept outside overnight, I would suggest an Abus chain or Kryptonite NY lock, in addition to the u-lock.