24 August 2009


Since returning from my vacation I've noticed more and more bikes decked out with accessories. Take this bike, for instance, which appears to be wearing its own scarf:

bike wearing a scarf

This bike has a head tube wrapped in ferns:

singlespeed bike with ferns wrapped around the head tube
The chainstays are sporting their own teddy bear (or perhaps that's a little dog?):

single speed bike with a teddy bear in the seat stays
And for those who just don't do fake flowers, this bike on Newbury Street has flower pots and real flowers:

bike flowers garden


Filigree said...

I love the flower pots in the side-baskets. Mobile garden! And in the winter they could perhaps be covered up and turned into a greenhouse.

Dottie said...

Pretty! I like tying scarves in bows on my handlebars. Stuffed animals are also fun :)

Charlotte said...

Last night I spoke with a waiter at the restaurant across from the bike. He said it never moves, and the waitstaff have taken to watering the flowers for the owner. I thought that was super nice.