17 August 2009

Handsome Parisian Men on Bicycles

All so very handsome, and all with a chaincase or guard:

Parisians in suits on bicycles

Dapper Parisian on a bike

young man Parisian cyclist

handsome Parisian cyclist
Only papa seems to be riding the other way! His route is part of my husband's former commute, the most beautiful city commute in the world.

Parisian father bicycle commuting


RidingPretty said...

Lovely dreamy photos! ah, beautiful men in a beautiful city.

She Rides a Bike said...

The Parisian street and centuries old architecture are quite inspiring. Maybe more American would ride if we had more charming scenery along the way? And those gentlemen know how to dress.

dukiebiddle said...

Those two in the first picture aren't Parisian men. Those are Mormon missionaries.

Lock your doors! Hide under the bed!

Filigree said...

Men in suits on bikes look fabulous. Interestingly, some of them in your photos are riding ladies' frames. I love the style of rear rack that is pictured in the first photo (both bikes).

Anonymous said...

Those aren't "ladies" bikes. They are properly referred to as "step through" bicycles, making it easier for both sexes to ride.