30 December 2009

Cold Kool Stops Stop


Last night was the coldest ride in a long time.
The reasons are complicated, but for the moment I have the old style black brake blocks on my front brake and salmon Continental Kool Stops on my rear brake. On the ride home my face was frozen, the bottoms of my non-skid Dansko clogs were frozen, the black brake blocks felt like ice cubes scraping against my rim... but the Continental Kool Stops performed like it was an afternoon in June. It was incredible. I'm fully converted.

Speaking of conversions, I have a set of Kool Stops for the front brake, I was going to install them with my new front wheel. More on that soon!


somervillain said...

salmon koolstops are indeed the goodest brake pads around. i have them on several bikes, and they work great in all weather conditions. they also vastly improve braking on steel-rimmed bikes as well.

good luck on your conversion!

Filigree said...

You were out on your bike last night? [Insert the Wayne's World "I'm not worthy" gesture here!]

Very glad to hear that the KoolStops work in these temperatures; we have them on several of our bikes, though have never tested them in weather like last night's.

Interesting that you ride your bike in Dansko clogs, I had been wondering whether they would work.

melanthius said...

Kool-Stops are some of the best, they're what I use on anything that doesn't have disc brakes. They still get eaten up quick when riding in muddy conditions, like any rim pad.

cycler said...

I wish Kool Stop made brake blocks for rod brake pads!

I ride in my danskos all the time and they work great

Jon said...

So, are you getting a dyno-hub front wheel?