03 December 2009

Tinsel Time

tinsel on a bike basket
I snapped the photo because I loved the lady's snowy tinsel on her basket, a classy festive accent.

It was only later that I realized how chaotic the rest of the scene had been!

bicycle chaos

I also see now that she has snowy tinsel all over her bike!


SK said...

I love her blue sneakers and striped socks!

But seriously... where are those shoes from?

Filigree said...

What a nice idea! Of course it felt a little un-wintery in Boston today with the tropical temps!

RidingPretty said...

Congrats! I believe you may have captured our first Holiday Season festooned bicycle this year. Now I will go off and see if anyone here locally has caught the Spirit yet ;)

amw said...

She also has a Widener Library bag on her seat! I used the same thing to keep mine dry (although I usually take it off to ride!)