16 June 2010

I have a treat for you

I'm currently on vacation in a tiny corner of the world, but I found a chic cyclist even here! When I get back to Boston I'll have a small treat to share.
Stay tuned!


Velouria said...

Is this a French-speaking tiny corner of the world?..

Charlotte said...


Not this time Veloria, tiny and Spanish-speaking, which makes the chic cyclist all the more wonderful!

Terri-Leigh Finnegan said...

Hi Guys your blogs great!

Im Currently in the process of completing a brief for the boom in cycling fashion clothing. I wondered if you could help me out a bit?

I just wanted to find a few things out to help you guys in the future and to help produce fashionable cycling clothing with easy access pockets and little things that you all need.

Please help me out and answer these couple of questions honestly and however the hell you want!!

1. What is your favourite cycling brand? Why?
2. What do you look for in your cycling clothing?
3. What is your favourite cycling accessory?
4. If you could invent anything to make cycling everday easier, what would it be?
5. What does cycling mean to you? Is it just travel? Or is it a fashion accessory?

Any more comments you think would help would be much appreciated.
Thankyou so much for your time and if it would be easier to email me with the answers then go ahead!


Thanks again!