16 September 2011

Freebie Friday

Wow, it has been a LONG time since this blog has had a freebie friday.

In hopes of making up for all that lost time, I would like to offer someone in the Boston area my custom-reinforced Cyclist-themed Bike Rack Wine Box.

For information about the box please see this post with the details and this post with more photos. This box will work best for you if you have a Blackburn rear rack, but should be customizable for another rack. Email me to discuss picking this up for free. *CLAIMED*

Happy Friday everyone!!!


Anonymous said...

Pretty awesome!!! Whomever wins it will look classy on our next Tweed Ride which will be Oct 16th more details soon

Natalie said...

Beautiful! How can we enter to win?

Also as a warning to cyclists out there, my friend and I were given Warnings in Cambridge on Wednesday for running a red light (after suitably checking of course!). Just keep on the lookout!

dc said...

i am interested in the wine box if its still available!!