26 October 2011

Little Green Shopper

I saw this shopper of ambiguous vintage in the South End and thought of you Velouria: Green frame, cream tires... It would be cuter if the fenders were green too, don't you think?  :)


MamaVee said...


( just checking in re: co-pilot- I know you have a lot going on- just wanted to check in... :-)

Velouria said...

Thanks for thinking of me : ) That is a modern bike, though I forgot the manufacturer's name. Looks nice!

Charlotte said...

It's so much more complicated than you know!
I'll email you.

Jean said...

It's a Citizen Barcelona:


I own the same in cream. It won't win races and the aluminum frame is stiff enough that one might crack a tooth going over a lumpy road, but that bicycle gets attention wherever we go.