16 October 2011

My HandleBar

I finally have half a moment to post a photo from my brother's wedding this summer. We were enjoying a sunny afternoon in downtown Boulder when MyHandleBar rolled into town. This thing looked like so much fun I went running over with my niece and her grandpa (my sister's father-in-law, is there a name for our relationship?) Here they are for scale as we checked this thing out:

It is a mobile bicycle bar, with one driver and everyone else literally saddled up to the bar.
The geometry of the cockpit is "relaxed", to say the least. They need 3 people minimum, if I remember correctly, and can take on more than will have pedals. The slope of your hill can't exceed 5 or 6%, but given those constraints it looked like a blast. Maybe someday Harpoon will have one of these and we won't have to ride Brewery to Brewery, we can just bring the beer along!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a lot of fun, much more than those conference bikes! Just think it could do a loop between Harpoon and Sam Adams - the funner B to B; no training required.
We missed you and your family at the Tweed Ride today. We had a very nice picnic on Schoolmaster's Hill in Franklin Park.

G.E. said...

So AWESOME! How have I missed this? :o)

Charlotte said...

I was sorry to miss the Tweed Ride. My husband just had shoulder surgery so he's off the bike and unable to do much. It's been pretty hectic at our house!!! This is part of why I haven't been posting.
I'd like to say I'll make the next one.... :(

Unknown said...

Very cool, I saw these in holland a few years ago. Could they serve beer on it? Is the liquor/open container law a little more relaxed in CO than here?

Charlotte said...

Truth is, no. They drive it on to private property to serve the beer. Sigh.