17 November 2009

International City Bike

copper Raleigh International city bike
copper Raleigh International city bike
You all know that I'm a fan of the Raleigh International, particularly that model's chromed lugs. I was interested to see this copper International, all dressed up in city components. It certainly makes a lovely singlespeed, and the bridgepiece for the rear brake is effective in protecting this bike's tail light. It has the original cranks and pedals, and I believe the rear brake was put on the front because the brake pads were jammed all the way up in the slot, yet you can see that the clearance of the wheel looks like mine after I'd changed from 27" to 700c wheels.

The bike is a looker, and if my experience is any indication, it will attract the attention of old men everywhere, internationally. It's fun to strike up a conversation with them, I'm not sure if they miss their old bikes or their old youth, but they're every one of them nostalgic. Aren't bikes fun?


Mark said...

When you post a photo i play a game of "hmmm where is that picture taken?"

Newbury St near Hereford right? Across from Sonsie?

Charlotte said...

Yep, you're right!

cycler said...

so funny!
I saw this bike's twin on my ride in this afternoon- same copper color, same gorgeous lugs and chromed fork and chainstays. I couldn't see the make, and I almost called out to the guy riding it to ask what it was.
What a coincidence that you happened to post this today while it was fresh in my mind!

Roadrider said...

I had friends who raced on these and on the popular Bottechia Giro of the same era. Some of the Bottechia riders would scrape off all of the paint because the whole frame was chromed underneath.