05 November 2009

Red Riding Boots Redux

red boots riding a bike in Boston
I'm sorry for the blurry photos but look at those great red boots! I have come to realize I've had a thing for red boots ever since coveting my step-mom's red Italian snakeskin and suede boots many decades ago. I doubt I will ever find red boots as sumptuous as hers, but in the meantime, aren't these wonderful?


Filigree said...

They will certainly get you noticed in traffic!

The Bronze Bombshell said...

wonder woman also wears red boots which to my mind is a perfect reason to be fixated on red boots. Now if you could only twirl around and produce smoke and theme music every time you changed your clothes.

Dottie said...

Red boots...How is it possible that I've never considered red boots until this moment? I'll have to keep an eye out at thrift stores from now on.

2whls3spds said...

Don't Wellies come in red? ;-)


Xander N' Dante said...

i've been seeing red lately,
and its not because i've been smoking the green.

thanks for stopping by.

good luck with the boot hunting.

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