05 February 2010

Chic Geek

Geekhouse bike on Newbury StreetThere are many details to love on this bike. It's clear that someone put a lot of thought into a personal and custom build and you all know that one of a kind's my favorite kind of bike.

frog light mounted flush with the deep V rims
I admit to being charmed by the light mounted flush to the level of the rims, creating the appearance of an unbroken circle. The effect is more remarkable in the total bike photo, but here's how it was done.

segmented fork
While I was reeled in by the light, my husband was admiring the segmented fork, an aesthetic nod to Fat City Cycles.

Geekhouse Bikes headbadge
I took this photo for the pretty headbadge, but this bike is so shiny that if you look closely you can see me and my husband reflected in the headset (twice!).

internal gearing and drum brake
Perfect for Boston, this bike has both internal gearing and internal braking. A bike-crush worthy bike!


cycler said...

I love that they found a light the exact same shade as the rims- Definitely a bicycle where the details were carefully considered.

Dottie said...

I like! The addition of that pink knog light is priceless.

Velouria said...

I love that segmented fork as well, and I am impressed that this bike has drum brakes. That gray colour is quite nice, and though hot pink is not my thing, I appreciate the customization. The bonus is that everything goes with gray, so the owner can install rims in any colour they want in future.

She Rides a Bike said...

A work of art. And a labor of love.

Charlotte said...

But Velouria, that's the point. I am not a pink girl, but I'd HATE for every bike to look the same, so I love the hot pink on this bike. Hurray for thoughtful diversity!!!!

Gem said...

This is my bike! Yay! Thanks for spotting it and all the lovely comments. I've only had it for about a month, but have been dreaming of it since last June. It's a real pleasure to ride all over Boston now. The real credit goes to Marty of Geekhouse for the entire build and powdercoat-- even the rims. Marty rules. Further customization is planned, so I hope my bike and your eyes meet again!

Jason said...

Meghan's Bike!! Looking Awesome

Anonymous said...

Beautiful bike with very nice color-scheme.
Not often do I come across people who take care of their bikes (And I really wonder why!!?) as this'fellow'.

burrito said...

Beautiful! (no fenders though?)