06 August 2010

Back Bay Bike Parking

Back Bay bike parkingNew bike racks are going in on Clarendon Street, in the Back Bay. This location is right across from where the Hard Rock Café used to be (empty now), and is very near the new John Hancock building and the Back Bay subway and commuter rail station.

Back Bay bike parkingThe upside of all this parking is that there is certainly a lot of it, it's in an area with a paucity of bike racks, and the entire area is covered for protection from the elements. Downside is that the entire area is covered because it's a tunnel freeway entrance for the Mass Pike. It's a great use of space for a much-needed resource, but beware of "freeway-minded" drivers folks!


cycler said...

also seems like a good place to steal a bike with very few eyes around. Maybe they can follow up with a cage linked to charlie card or something like that..
Or at least a "monitored by video surveillance" sign.
It probably is on camera thanks to the tunnel...

She Rides a Bike said...

These are my favorite style of bike rack. Easily accommodates multiple bikes that are loaded down with panniers and the design allows for easy lock up to whatever section of the bike the most theft resistent. A covered area is a plus too.

Ray said...

I didn't know that this was even MBTA property. I guess the MBTA personnel will have to find a new place to park their cars.

Notice how every time they add bike parking it gets filled fairly quickly?

I wonder if City of Boston's bike parking guide has added these racks?

Rob Larsen said...

@cycler It's actually an area with a lot of foot traffic. It's right next to the Back Bay T station (in between the Y and the 100 clarendon garage), so there's a steady stream of people who walk by all day.

Sadly, they're not putting a cage in at Back Bay Station itself, which seems like a no-brainer to me. Especially considering the heavy use the small rack inside gets.