13 August 2010

You turkey!

wild turkeys on bicycles
A reader sent in this photo, taken this morning, of wild turkeys availing themselves of bicycle roosts at Longwood.

It seems the one in the basket looked as if s/he was settling in for a long stay.


Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

Hope they don't poop in the basket. Turkey poop is nasty stuff. I come across it all the time on mountain biking trails. I'd rather plow through a horse muffin on my bike than turkey poop.

cycler said...

Turkeys can be surprisingly aggressive- I'd hate to have to shoo them off my bike!
There used to be one living in the Broadway area near the Volpe Transportation offices- I saw it hanging out there a couple of times..

Herzog said...

Off-topic, but I secretly fantasize about nonchalantly sneaking up on a goose, duck, turkey or other bird in the park and kidnapping it for dinner (yes, as in snapping its neck and putting it in my basket!) like it's no big deal, while other people look on aghast.

Fickle Cattle said...

I thought the photos are cool. Didn't know turkey poop are particularly nast, or that they are surprisingly aggressive.